By Building an EFFICIENT, LOYAL and RELIABLE Team of Outsourced Employees

  • Do you feel the growth of your digital agency is stunted because you spend your time on the delivery?
  • Doubting you can get the job done on time, after signing up a new client?
  • Feeling anxious to delegate your tasks to a remote employee?
  • Do you feel like giving up because you cannot do it all?

Learn to build an outsourced team that supports your goals and sign up MORE CLIENTS knowing YOU CAN DELIVER!

Over 78% of Agencies cannot SCALE due to LIMITED STAFF!

Here is the problem you face:


You are unable to SCALE as when you get to 5 clients your FOCUS starts to go towards DELIVERY not new client ACQUISITION.


Which means, while you are unable to scale, your CLIENTS WILL MOVE to a bigger and MORE EFFICIENT AGENCY.


Lucky for you there’s a SOLUTION. Let me introduce you to


the revolutionary approach that will help you eliminate your delivery stress and grow your bottom line.

Here Is What You Will Learn and Apply for the Rest of Your Life

Your Outsource Staffing Acquisition System

Everything you need to know to find the RIGHT employee.

Team meetings for success

How to build a close knit team and supercharge efficiency.

Outsourcing Employees Masterlist

The Thing That Makes You Always Have Staff to call on even if you have to let them go.


How to stay sane and in charge

Don’t compromise your security

Learn how to keep your private information safe.

And much more!

The Power of Building a Team Using

Outsourcing Agency Mastery

"I used to "hop" from one project to another. Working with Jason made me rethink my approach to freelance work"

Norwin Lacson

"Jason's approach to team work significantly boosted our productivity, helping us deliver projects much faster"

Anna Bandura

"I love working in the close-nit team Jason had created and feel secure about my employment prospects"

Mary Ann Temblique

About the Author

Jason Starbuck

Just like you I was once torn between the desire to sell more and to deliver a better result for my clients, however because of limited time I was always stuck wanting to deliver more and make more money for the agency. Until I painfully developed a process and templated documents that allow me to hire a team of reliable remote employees at any time at will and without stress. Here is my story...



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Best Value: $4000

  • Course value $2000.
  • Access to weekly “Outsourcing Agency Mastery” coaching call - Value $1800
  • 11 predesigned job descriptions - Value $200



What You Will Get and How It Will change

your agency life forever

Section 1

Foundation - 2 Videos

  • The Outsourcing Mindset and The Power of Understand Culture
  • Expand your hiring away from local staff
  • The Promise you should GIFT yourself

Section 2

Establishing Loyalty before your Hire - 2 Videos

  • Interview Questions that prepare for long term employment.
  • How to Pay your staff with the least amount of fees.
  • The Process that supports weekly commitment and vision buy in.

Section 3

Cracking the code on where and who to hire - 7 Videos

  • The Powerful Employee Exit or Fire Strategy that saved my A$#
  • Outsourcing Culture and How to find the talent you need to grow.
  • How to share Usernames and Passwords without exposure

Section 4

Bring It all Together Hire, Fire, Repeat with Confidence

  • Diagram Roadmap of the Steps in the course for reference
  • Time Stamp layout to find what your are looking to solve
  • The steps that will empower you to hire an issue free staff.

Section 5

How I got taken advantage of but NEVER AGAIN 3 Videos

  • Filtering to find WINNERS
  • 5 ways you can powerfully communicate with you team
  • Build a balance between delegating and micromanaging

The Loyal Staff Creator

A Bullet proof method that

will have you and your team working together for years.

(VALUE $300)

The Holiday Guide

A list of the most common holidays and festivals you can use to ensure overseas delivery is met.

(VALUE $200)

11 Predesigned Job Post Descriptions

No more fumbling to write the words needed to hire your most sought after Team member positions. A collection ready to plug and play or make just A few tweaks to make it yours.

(VALUE $400)

Prospecting Outsourced Cold Calling Management Sheet

Manage the success of a cold calling campaign across multiple new team members. This document alone managed 20 of my own dialers and brought in over $150,000 in one campaign.

(VALUE $300)

Outsourcing Mastery Agency

Foundation - 3 Video Series

Establishing Loyalty before your Hire

Cracking the code on where and who to hire ($3,500 Value)

How I got taken advantage of but NEVER AGAIN

Bring It all Together Hire, Fire, Repeat with Confidence

($3,500 VALUE )

Bonus: The Loyal Staff Creator

(VALUE $300)

Bonus: The Holiday Guide

(VALUE $200)

Bonus: Cold Calling Management Sheet

(VALUE $400)

Bonus: Predesigned Job Post Descriptions

(VALUE $300)

TOTAL Value: $4,700

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